Targeted Security Solutions

Kaspersky Targeted Security solutions have been designed to deliver protection for specific components of your network, putting Kaspersky Lab’s world-class security precisely where you need it most in your IT infrastructure. With no resources wasted unnecessarily, Kaspersky Targeted Security solutions are an efficient and cost-effective way to employ the very latest anti-virus and anti-malware technology exactly where it’s required. This is the High Value approach from Kaspersky Lab.  

Why Kaspersky Targeted Security Solutions?

Kaspersky Targeted Security solutions provide effective protection to any component within your network including workstations, file servers, mail servers and Internet gateways. Easy to deploy and manage, they give you precisely the protection you need from existing and emerging threats. Advantages include:
  • New protection technology developed to combat all types of Internet threats and respond rapidly to new attacks
  • User-friendly management and administration tools to minimize the time and expertise needed for maintenance
  • Optimized and cost-effective security that maximizes business productivity for less investment
  • Scalability to expand protection as your business grows