Kaspersky Administration Kit

Kaspersky Administration Kit is the essential tool for managing anti-malware protection across your company. Giving you the ability to monitor and control every aspect of your security infrastructure, it’s an ideal solution for organizations of any size. Kaspersky Administration Kit increases protection level, and reduces the total cost of ownership for Kaspersky Lab products. This is the High Value approach from Kaspersky Lab.  


Rapid Threat Protection Deployment – Kaspersky Administration Kit features three different technologies to help you explore your network: customizable, automatically-generated installation packages; the possibility to install sub-servers to tailor protection to your corporate network, and easily-deployed threat protection applications for workstations, servers and mobile devices. Centralized Threat Protection Management – Kaspersky Administration Kit gives you a comprehensive suite of administrative tools and capabilities to manage all your threat protection applications. Set up and schedule policies, tasks and hierarchical groups of computers; integrate with Cisco NAC and Microsoft NAP solutions; regulate mobile device units and much more. Advanced Continuity and Resilience – Regular updates to threat protection applications and databases mean Kaspersky Administration Kit constantly checks and ensures your security infrastructure is up to date. Updates are pre-tested before full deployment, while remote diagnostic mechanisms and backup/restore functions go to work in case of emergency. Powerful Reporting System – Monitor the security status of your corporate network at all times with the help of dedicated dashboards, customizable reports and administration activity logs.  

Rapid Threat Protection

Fast Deployment System – Distribute standard deployment packages built on your first install of Kaspersky Administration Kit using any of several distribution mechanisms, or customize your installation package and add/remove third-party software with the tools provided. Support for Distributed Hierarchical Installation – Set up an unlimited number of sub-level administration servers to match your network structure, optimize workload and maximize network bandwidth efficiency. Support for New Microsoft Platforms – Install antivirus applications and administration servers on Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (32- and 64-bit versions) with confidence, thanks to the extensive independent compatibility testing of Kaspersky Administration Kit.  

Centralized Threat Protection Management

Rich Integration Capabilities – Strengthen corporate network security with full integration for Cisco NAC and Microsoft NAP solutions. Kaspersky Administration Kit also fully supports SNMP and allows automation of protection management. Support for Hierarchical Management – Organize all the protected computers, devices and servers into hierarchical groups with support for task and policy inheritance and control of intermediate administrator privileges. Mobile Platform Support (Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Smartphone) – Manage security for corporate mobile devices running on the Windows Mobile, Symbian and BlackBerry platforms. System administrators can define common security policies for smartphones and control remote blocking or deletion of confidential data on lost or stolen devices. User Transparency – Protect user workstations, carry out deployment, uninstallation and maintenance work with no impact on users. Kaspersky Administration Kit even makes it possible to hide the presence of an antivirus product from users altogether.  

Advanced Continuity and Resilience

Virus Attack Auto Suppresser – Mitigate a suspected virus outbreak on a protected server or workstation with automatic activation of pre-configured tasks if virus-like activity is detected. Fast Update System – Implement updates faster and easier than ever across your network with a reworked update system. Workstation and server protection applications allow fast application and update delivery through multiple distribution options, including IP Multicast. Bandwidth Consumption Shaper – Enforce scheduled data transfer rate limits between the Kaspersky Administration Server and your individual IP subnets and IP ranges so that during peak hours, business operations have bandwidth priority.  

Powerful Reporting System

Prepare and export a wide set of standard reporting templates for all kinds of threat protection activity and administrator actions. Reports can be scheduled or ad-hoc, and are equipped with rich capabilities for custom reports.  

Customer-Focused Technical Support

Kaspersky Lab provides global and local support expertise on a round-the-clock basis as standard. If you need more specific, regular or detailed support, our Business Support Program and Enterprise Support Program include five service categories:
  • Product improvement and innovation
  • Proactive and self-help services
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Problem resolution
  • Web-based training, interactive and non-interactive