Hosted Security Services

Today’s organizations depend on email and the Internet for business-critical processes. As the importance of these vital communication channels has grown, so too have the malware threats and risks posed by cybercriminals. Malicious coders are now using more sophisticated methods to launch blended email- and web-based virus attacks. Meanwhile, as employees spend more time on the Internet accessing dynamic, user-generated content, corporate networks are more vulnerable to attack than ever before. This means it is now more important than ever for companies to have access to world-class corporate anti-malware protection for multi-platform IT infrastructures.  

Why Kaspersky Hosted Security Services?

Kaspersky Hosted Security Services provide High Value protection against email and web-borne threats, as well as offering a combined security solution against the latest blended attacks. Kaspersky Hosted Web Security also enables you to filter out inappropriate content and enforce an effective, productive and safe web usage policy. Designed to integrate seamlessly with your internal business processes, and with easy-to-use management tools, our High Value solutions offer optimized and cost-effective security systems to maximize business productivity and lower the Total Cost of Protection (TCP). As a result, your business benefits from:
  •  World-class anti-malware protection from increasingly sophisticated email and web-borne threats
  • Multi-layered IT security strategy – filtering out malicious content in the cloud before it reaches your network boundary
  • A flexible, highly scalable security solution
  • Increased protection for remote teams and employees
  • Reduced TCP and lower ongoing maintenance costs

Kaspersky Hosted Email Security

Kaspersky Hosted Email Security provides corporate networks with a robust, reliable spam filter and High Value anti-malware protection against current and future email threats that is cost-effective and easy to deploy.  

Kaspersky Hosted Web Security

Kaspersky Hosted Web Security offers High Value through world-class malware protection, optimized for low TCP. It combines web security and web filtering services, protecting your network from web-borne malware threats and enabling you to enforce a safe, productive web usage policy – limiting recreational browsing and social networking.