Kaspersky Antivirus

If you are a large business and operate in multiple markets, you need an effective and High Value IT security solution that’s responsive, reliable and flexible, yet backed by trusted, fast and responsive global support plans. Kaspersky Lab offers world-class corporate anti-malware protection for multi-platform IT infrastructures, designed to maximize business productivity whilst minimizing the Total Cost of Protection (TCP).

Our new business products, solutions and services are part of a product family based on a uniform set of world-class anti-malware and other core technologies. They provide an easy-to-manage security system that’s flexible enough to work across platforms and protect every IT asset, from servers to smartphones. Scalability allows your protection to quickly expand, without security loss, as your business grows. In addition, Kaspersky Lab’s expertise and support will ensure that your IT security is always there and working just as hard as you are.

We Recommend

  • Kaspersky Work Space Security – Protection for workstations, laptops and smartphones.
  • Kaspersky Business Space Security – Protection for workstations, laptops, smartphones and file servers.
  • Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security – Protection for workstations, laptops, smartphones, file servers, mail server and groupware servers.
  • Kaspersky Hosted Security Services – Hosted protection for business-critical processes such as email and Internet use.
  • Kaspersky Total Space Security – Multi-layer protection for workstations, laptops, smartphones, mail servers, groupware servers and Internet gateways.
  • Kaspersky Targeted Security solutions – Effective protection for specific components of a network such as workstations, file servers, mail servers or gateways.
  • Corporate support programs – Unified Microsystems also provides an additional range of IT security services to corporate clients including support packages.

360 Threat Protection

If for any reason confidential information and client databases are lost or stolen, the consequences can be far-reaching. Not only could it affect your day-to-day operations, but it could also have costly legal implications. Kaspersky Business Space Security has been designed to offer comprehensive security against all threats across your entire network, for complete protection and peace of mind.

Ultimate malware protection

Kaspersky Business Space Security is equipped with our latest antivirus engine. This delivers powerful protection, blocking and eliminating all types of modern malware.

Protection against hackers

Modern hackers now use keyloggers and rootkits to access data and avoid detection. Our new antivirus engine effectively neutralizes these threats, preventing unauthorized access to your computers.

Effective anti-phishing functionality

Surfing the Internet can make your network vulnerable. For added protection, our special database will identify and disable suspicious links and remove any phishing emails.

Secure firewall

А new-generation firewall and Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems protect users working on any type of network. With predefined rules for over 250 commonly used applications, time spent configuring the firewall is significantly reduced.

Secure electronic communication

Email messaging is an essential part of any business, but it leaves your network exposed. Kaspersky Business Space Security scans all messages you send and receive, and also scans any links or files sent via instant messaging such as ICQ and MSN.

Removable device control

Computers can easily become infected through removable devices such as USB flash drives, data storage and I/O devices. Kaspersky Business Space Security enables you to control the use of these devices and prevent them from connecting to your corporate network.

Anti-theft protection for smartphones

Smartphones have become an essential business tool, with new security risks presented if they are lost or stolen. If one of your organization’s smartphones is lost or stolen, you can delete files, messages and stored addresses remotely with the help of the Anti-Theft Protection feature, which also lets you identify who is using the lost device.

  • SMS Block and SMS Clean: if a smartphone is lost, simply send a hidden SMS message to the original SIM card, and its stored data will be blocked. Data can also be remotely wiped from the device memory.
  • SIM Watch: when a smartphone is stolen, the SIM card is often replaced. If this happens, SIM Watch prevents the new user from accessing any personal data and also sends you the new telephone number of the device without the new user’s knowledge.
  • Encryption: files, folders and memory cards can be encrypted and password-protected.

Support for virtualization

VMware Ready certification ensures proven reliability for virtual environments.

Mixed network security

Corporate networks may frequently use different operating systems and platforms, which can make seamless security difficult to achieve. Kaspersky Business Space Security offers a simple, single solution that supports all popular platforms such as:

  • Smartphones: Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry
  • Workstations: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • File Servers: Windows, Linux (including Samba), Novell

Terminal server protection

With protection for Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix XenApp servers, end users working in desktop/application publishing modes remain protected and are notified of events using the terminal services tools. This also ensures that actions performed on end users’ files and scripts are audited.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Windows Servers Enterprise Edition (the application inside Kaspersky Business Space Security) is certified compatible with Citrix XenApp and has been awarded a Citrix Ready certificate.

Cluster Support

Kaspersky Business Space Security is designed to work with the complex server cluster architecture used in today’s large companies, protecting both local disks and the cluster’s shared disks owned by the protected node.

Easy Management

With Kaspersky Administration Kit management tool, you can monitor and protect your entire network, from Windows and Linux workstations and file servers to mobile devices on the Microsoft Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms.

Install, manage and update your security from your workplace – Our centralized management system allows you to set up antivirus protection, monitor your network and respond to emergencies, without leaving your workplace.

Scalability to grow with your business – The high scalability of Kaspersky Business Space Security means that as your business grows, your network remains protected.

With Kaspersky Administration Kit, it is possible to support systems with complex hierarchy, so you can:

  • Distribute the load from your main Administration Server to slave Administration Servers.
  • Shape network traffic needed by threat protection tasks to give more network resources to business applications.
  • Assign different security administrators, to look after specific tasks.
  • It is also possible to limit the bandwidth that Kaspersky Administration Kit uses.

Dashboard displays for real-time updates

To enable you to react quickly to any events, you can monitor the status of your network’s antivirus protection from a real-time dashboard display.

Protection for remote users

Today more and more employees are on the move, but remote use of corporate laptops can pose an added security threat. Therefore, it is essential to protect laptops outside of the network.

Remote Policy

Kaspersky Business Space Security comes with a dedicated remote user policy, which is automatically activated whenever a computer is not connected to the administration server. Protection settings can then be setup to cover the increased risk of virus infection when a laptop is used outside your business network.

Support for network access control technology (Cisco® NAC and Microsoft® NAP)

Kaspersky Administration Kit can serve as compliance validator for Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) and Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP) solutions. In this scenario, Kaspersky Administration Server functions as a standard Posture Validation Server (for the Cisco solution) or System Health Validator (for the Microsoft solution), which can be used by NAC or NAP to allow or deny network access for a PC, depending on threat protection status.

Comprehensive reports on the status of your network protection

Kaspersky Business Space Security gives you comprehensive antivirus protection status reports, based on information stored on the administration server. To make this more convenient, you can access them via e-mail and save them in HTML, XML and PDF formats manually, or schedule reports.

Network Efficiency

IT security is essential, but in business, you can’t afford for your infrastructure to be slowed down or compromised by security software. Kaspersky Business Space Security has been designed to enable your network to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, at all times.

Minimal Impact of Performance

  • Powerful antivirus engine: our antivirus engine has been designed to increase scanning speed, optimize your system resources and reduce impact on any other programs you may be running.
  • iSwift and iChecker: to save time and speed up processes, once all objects have been scanned, Kaspersky Lab’s iSwift and iChecker proprietary technologies ensure that only new and modified files are scanned in the future.

Infected computer isolation

If a workstation on your network becomes infected with a virus, the user will be automatically blocked from accessing your server resources. This means you can treat the virus infection, without slowing down the rest of your network.

Safe system recovery after virus infection

If a malicious program infects your operating system, it could have a detrimental impact on your business operations. Therefore, if a malicious program is detected, any records created by the program will be automatically deleted.

Backup copying to keep you working

If an infected object requires further analysis by Kaspersky Lab experts, a backup copy will allow you to restore information so you can keep on working.

Seamless integration with third-party programs

If an infected object requires further analysis by Kaspersky Lab experts, a backup copy will allow you to restore information so you can keep on working.

  • Resource management: to keep demand on resources to a minimum and allow your staff to work with other applications, your antivirus solution will continue to scan in background mode when your network is busy.
  • Trusted applications: our trusted application zone means you can add third- party applications, so you can work seamlessly with other programs.
  • Third-party server software compatibility: Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Windows Servers Enterprise Edition (an application inside the product) provides integrated virus protection without conflict alongside server software such as Backup.