Voice Recording

Listening to call audio will allow companies to gain insight in a way that reporting alone cannot. Call recording provides the following benefits:

  • Management can ensure agents are complying with company standards by reviewing actual performance samples.
  • The ability to categorize and share recordings with others makes use of the inherent training potential in recorded phone call audio.
  • Having records of calls on hand will allow for validation of any claims of misconduct in the unfortunate event that they occur.
  • Training and Deployment
  • Cradle to Grave Coverage
  • Seamless Integration with Recordings at your fingertips

DATEL Voice Recording

DATEL’s Voice Recording application allows users to quickly listen to call recordings, assign custom categories, and view extensive call metric data. The End Users can filter to find records according to desired metrics like Agent, Extension, Caller ID, Account Codes, and much more. Voice Recording also allows you to select, download, and save calls as mp3 files which can then be transferred to various audio devices.

User-Friendly Platform

Simple architecture allows for quick listening to call recordings via an integrated pop-up voice player. Alternatively, recordings can be compiled into a zip file for review at a later time. Grouping call records by user-defined categories allows businesses to do anything from rate agent performance to classify calls by subject.