CRM Integration

CRM Integration is a new solution to save time and money by integrating your current CRM Application, scheduling application or any other application to Call SWEET! Live. It’s that simple!

Use your customer information to its fullest potential

Don’t let your agents blindly answer the phone! By presenting that information instantly every time the customer calls in, the agent taking the call can be well informed and more helpful. Make every customer feel like a VIP when you greet them by name.

Both you and your customers will save valuable time that would otherwise be spent looking up records manually, or worse, collecting all their information every time they have to call in.

Integration benefits

  • Supervisor can pick and choose what information is displayed to the agent
  • Agent can update the displayed information and save back to the database
  • Plug and play with and Microsoft CRM
  • Compatible with most other CRM Applications
  • Know who is calling, before you answer
  • Show your customers you value them by personalizing each phone call
  • Get right to the point by viewing the customer’s history instantly instead of requesting each detail
  • Avoid tedious searching for records by having the information automatically displayed
  • Save time for both the agent and the customer