Mobile Capture

Kofax Mobile Capture is a powerful mobility solution that captures information at the point of origination, supported by Kofax’s industry leading image perfection technology and an enterprise-ready capture platform that reduces labor costs, improves information quality and accelerates business processes. Kofax is the only company that offers a single, comprehensive capture enabled BPM platform for capturing information, from any location, in virtually any format or source!

Market-leading Image Perfection Technology

The challenges associated with using a camera or a mobile device to capture documents and data at a level of quality that enables it to drive business processes and workflow are greater compared to using a traditional scanner. If image quality is compromised the downstream effectiveness of classification and extraction is degraded which translates into higher exception and correction costs.

Kofax Mobile Capture brings the promise of true mobile capture to reality by applying Kofax’s patented and market leading Virtual Rescan (VRS) image perfection technology to ensure images taken on the phone or tablet are process ready and of the highest quality.

VRS is able to effectively resolve concerns related to camera angle, illumination, warping, and blur. VRS communicates with the user and provides them feedback as to the quality of the image before the document is submitted to the back end system or process. Solutions that lack the advanced image processing capabilities of VRS are forced to rely on costly manual processes to correct recognition and classification errors, negating the financial benefit of mobile information capture.

VRS can run directly on the device and on the Kofax Mobile Services hosted in the cloud on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Enterprise Ready Capture Platform

Kofax Mobile Capture is supported on the back-end by Kofax Front Office Server and Kofax Capture. This single platform supports information from mobile phones, MFP devices, email, fax, document scanners, web services, portal applications, folders, print streams and EDIā€¦ as well as more than 140 different back end systems.

Kofax Mobile Capture leverages and improves the value of your existing infrastructure. Investment in business rules, job setup, configuration, integration and security is done on a single system regardless of the submission source. Kofax Mobile Capture extends those investments directly to the mobile device where content originates that feeds those core applications. Not only is the transaction accelerated, but the effective use of the process is increased as more data is being delivered into the process pipeline.

Touchless Processing

After information is captured from the mobile device, Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) advanced automation technology enables straight through "touchless" processing. KTM automatically adds document and form classification, page separation, challenging data extraction and validation capabilities to drive business process applications. By automating what were previously labor intensive, error prone and time consuming tasks, KTM can significantly reduce labor costs, improve information quality and accelerate business processes.

Used with Kofax Mobile Capture, this powerful technology removes the burden of document classification and indexing from the mobile user and does it automatically. This not only makes the system easier for the mobile users, but dramatically reduces the time to process the information. And, administrators have the ability to decide what data should be processed on the phone or what data should be processed and validated in the back office.

Custom Mobile Apps

Customers can now develop and deploy their own custom mobile capture apps leveraging Kofax Mobile Capture and Kofax Mobile Services. This enables customers to build discrete applications based upon particular use cases or processes they wish to automate and make those applications available to their users and customers. Custom mobile apps allow customers the ability to personalize and brand the mobile app according to their requirements. More importantly the Kofax Mobile Services are available to serve as a broker between the mobile app on the device and the back office processes ensuring tight integration between the process itself and the user.