MFP Integration

Kofax Front Office Server extends Kofax Capture to the front office enabling users to initiate document-driven business processes from document input devices like MFPs and document scanners.

Extend Back Office Business Processes to the Front Office

Many organizations have deployed ECM platforms, workflow systems, and line of business applications in the back office to automate business processes. These processes can now be started in the front office with just a few clicks on the touch screen of a digital copier (or similar equipment) minimizing transaction time. Days required to ship paper are transformed into minutes through electronic transmission. Time once spent shuffling, tracking, and filing paper is replaced with customer facing activities.

Flexible yet Familiar Environments Where Users Can Interact with Documents

With Kofax Front Office Server users can process documents via the touch screen of select digital copiers/MFPs or at their PC with the Kofax Front Office Web Client – an easy to use, browser-based application. What’s more, these clients can be personalized based on the activities users perform most and enhanced with database look-ups and drop-down lists to improve speed and accuracy. These options make document capture accessible to virtually any knowledge worker so they can focus on the business process they manage instead of figuring out how to use a document capture solution.

Leverage your Existing IT Resources to Automate Document-Driven Processes

Kofax Front Office Server can capture documents from existing IT assets like MFPs and desktop scanners minimizing the need to invest in new technology to deploy a front office capture solution. Fax servers and mail servers that are common to many IT environments can also be used by Kofax Front Office Server to route outbound documents. Support for directory services like Active Directory address security concerns and ease configuration.

Integration with Kofax Capture for Advanced Document Processing

Kofax Front Office Server is tightly integrated with the market-leading Kofax Capture for advanced document processing options. Kofax Capture provides data extraction options like OCR, ICR, OMR and includes the ability to read barcodes. Plus, documents can be automatically converted to the popular PDF format. Kofax Capture also offers release connectors for over one-hundred ECM platforms, workflow systems, and line of business applications.

Centralized Command and Control

The centralized Kofax Administration Console is a thin client application included with Kofax Front Office Server that gives Kofax Capture administrators the ability to automatically discover input devices, remotely check the status of input devices, set up users, and control user privileges. This minimizes the need to send out a technician for system installation or maintenance thereby reducing the costs of deployment and ongoing management.

Single-Vendor Solution

Kofax Front Office Server and Kofax Capture provide a single-vendor solution for document capture, collaboration and routing processes within an enterprise. Whether a customer is interested in extending their current capture processes to the front panel of an MFP, focused on enabling and controlling the send-to-email, send-to-fax or send-to-folder functionality, or requires the ability to scan and process documents from a Web browser, Kofax provides a single-vendor option.