Avaya credential overview

The five levels of credentials are designed with 2 audiences in mind. Individuals with the APSS and APDS credentials have proven themselves proficient and competent to sell and design Avaya industry leading solutions. The ACIS and ACSS credentials certify an individual is professional and knowledgeable on implementation, administration, maintaining and troubleshooting Avaya’s best in class solutions.

Avaya Professional Sales Specialist (APSS)

APSS validates a candidate’s ability to sell the tangible benefits of Avaya products and solutions to address customer specific needs and requirements. An Avaya Professional Sales Specialist is an expert in understanding the competitive global landscape, evaluating customer needs, identifying and recommending the right Avaya solution and communicating its business value.

Avaya Professional Design Specialist (APDS)

APDS validates a candidate’s ability to design optimal Avaya solutions for customers using best practice customer awareness and advanced design tools. The Avaya Professional Design Specialist has the skills and knowledge necessary to review a customer’s current configuration, understand their future needs and design an Avaya solution for today and tomorrow. The Design Specialist creates architectural designs and migration strategies ensuring both integration to current networks and future readiness of customer communication solutions.

Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist (ACIS)

ACIS certifies a candidate has achieved an enhanced level of proficiency focused on installing, configuring, and troubleshooting a specified Avaya product or product family. The Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist can implement, validate and troubleshoot the installation of a single product, single system or product family. The Implementation Specialist installs hardware and software, configures the solution, performs initial administration and acceptance testing to diagnose and correct installation issues.

Avaya Certified Support Specialist (ACSS)

ACSS certifies a candidate has achieved an advanced understanding of and competence in implementation, troubleshooting, maintaining and administration of Avaya industry leading communications products. The Avaya Certified Support Specialist gathers and interprets system data, identifies issues and makes changes to ensure maximum availability and performance of a customer’s network. The Support Specialist uses their advanced Avaya troubleshooting, maintenance and administration capabilities to efficiently and accurately resolve customer’s communication issues.

Avaya Certified Solutions Architect (ACSA)

The ACSA is a rigorous program certifying a candidate’s ability to implement, maintain and troubleshoot complex, highly-scalable, real-time communications architectures across diverse multi-vendor environments, employing best practices and real-life network designs. The Avaya Certified Solutions Architect has the skills and knowledge necessary to create high-level designs for integrated, large-scale advanced communications solutions. The ACSA is more than proficient in solution architecture, multi-vendor environments, complex implementations, hosting, and advanced troubleshooting. This expert Certification level represents the pinnacle of Avaya related technical expertise and experience, truly differentiating best in class engineers.