Cheaper office IT setup in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

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With new office real estate being handed over daily in the UAE, many companies are moving office in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and saving on their office rent. The good news is that if you plan your IT network infrastructure in advance, you can save money on your office setup too.

Sharing is good

Picture an imaginary office with four different managers – telephone manager, internet manager, security camera manager and the television manager. Each day they drive to work and they all use separate cars. If they could instead share a car and pool their efforts, everything would work out much cheaper and far more efficient. They would also be economically friendly by using fewer resources in a smarter way.

How technology can help your pocket

You can do the same form of sharing with systems in your new office. Modern voice-over-IP telephones and standard computer internet access can share the same cable, which means you only need one cable instead of two.

Look around you for a moment; do you have separate telephone and internet network points? When you are paying AED 300 of infrastructure per quality branded network point, you can see how the savings quickly add up.

Bigger is even better

For a 50 person office combining data and voice on the same cable would save AED 15,000 in reduced cabling costs. For a 200 person office these savings would be AED 60,000 and the added benefit of a smaller server room footprint.

Once you start interconnecting office floors, what would previously be done with hundreds of voice copper riser cables can be achieved with a few fibre optic ones instead.

There are other benefits too

Modern interconnected network systems are resilient if a cable fails. This means no more worries if an excitable rodent decides to chew through one of the cables (yes we have seen this happen!) because the system will continue to work with the load is balanced across the remaining trunk members.

Invest once with lifetime warranty

Always compare the cost of cheap network switches with the cost of hardware replacement, and the loss of sales and man-hours from employees not being able to use internet, email or office landlines.

Business grade equipment vendors such as HP ProCurve, Extreme and Avaya switches typically come with a lifetime warranty, meaning you only ever invest in your IT network infrastructure once for its useful life. Cisco also offer a similar (but not free) warranty service with a paid yearly SMARTnet contract, with 2 hour hardware swap-out if required.

Design your IT infrastructure before you move

As long as the right network equipment is selected at the start of the new office design, you can enjoy all of the above savings. So plan in advance and nine times out of ten, the combined savings in cabling and modern business grade equipment will be far cheaper than older digital technology (or trying to upgrade old equipment).

We are moving office, how long should I plan my IT setup in advance?

There really is no too-early when talking about IT planning; however it is recommended that at a minimum you should plan for IT cabling infrastructure at the same time as fit out works design is underway.

Before applying for internet and telephone connectivity from Du or Etisalat you should make sure all server room cabling is complete with correctly functioning air conditioning and all cabling to the server rack. It is also very important to ensure you have non-objection certificates if required (Dubai International Financial Center for instance).